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Friday, June 16, 2023

10 Must Know's Before You Write An Ebook

 10 Must Know's Before You Write An Ebook

Below to will see ten rules you should implement before you attempt to write your own ebook.

Rule Number 1, You must have a good knowledge of your ebook subject. It is better to write an ebook about a subject you have a wide knowledge of. If you attempt to write an ebook when you have very little knowledge of the contents, your ebook will fail.

Rule Number 2, Ensure you know your subject inside and out! Remember the Internet has a wealth of information so research your chosen subject thoroughly.

Rule Number 3, What is the main goal of your ebook? What is your sole purpose for writing this ebook? Is it to sell thousands of copies? Will the ebook be a source of driving traffic to your website? Or, are you will the ebook be utilized for gaining subscribers?

It's important to focus entirely on your main goal for this ebook. Do not deviate from this goal, If you try to use your ebook to achieve too many goals then it will achieve none of the goals. If you find that your ebook has more than one goal or purpose, split the content and write several ebooks instead.

Rule Number 4, What will be your ebook title? If you have an ebook title in mind, put it aside for a moment and come up with at least another 5 possible titles for your ebook. Now look at your list of possible titles and choose the title that has the best call to action. Call to action title words can be Stop, Now, Discover, Imagine, and so on.

Rule Number 5, What graphics will be included with your ebook? When writing a how-to ebook guide are you intending to use screen-shots to make the ebook easier to understand? If your ebook will be on the subject of cooking will you be including pictures of completed food dishes? It's a proven technique that when writing an ebook too much text can bore the reader. Use images to break up the monotony. It's also important to think of your ebook cover image, I highly recommend you get a professional cover design to put the finishing touches to your new ebook.

Rule Number 6, What rights will you offer with your ebook? Ebooks now come with "rights" these can be in the form of Resell, Private Label, Free, and Giveaway rights. Resell/Resale rights allow the ebook seller to resell the ebook, but the resell rights do not transfer to the buyer. Your ebook contents cannot be changed or copied. Master Resell Rights allow both the seller and buyer to resell the ebook. Again, the ebook must not be copied or changed in any way. Private Label Rights allow the buyer to brand your ebook themselves and claim to be the author. If you allow "Unrestricted" Private Label Rights then the buyer can also sell your ebook with private label rights. Giveaway Rights are as stated the ebook must be given away and not sold.

There are advantages to allowing your ebook to be resold. Your ebook can become "viral" which means the more times your ebook gets sold, the more the links in your ebook will be seen.

Rule Number 7, How much are you going to charge for your ebook? Putting a price on your ebook can be a tough choice. You have to find a happy medium. Study similar content ebooks and observe the prices they are selling for. You could buy copies of competitors' ebooks and compare their contents with your ebook. Another option is to offer your subscribers your ebook at different prices, then ask purchasers their opinion on your ebook with regard to value for money.

Rule Number 8, What format will your ebook be available in? The main two formats ebooks are currently available in our compiler software and Adobe pdf format.

Using ebook compiler software can exclude many buyers who are wary of spyware/viruses contained in an executable program, and MAC PC users cannot access ebooks compiled in executable format.

Adobe Acrobat PDF format is installed on many new computers so readily available for buyers to read your ebook, and Adobe also provides a free download for Adobe PDF Reader.

Rule Number 9, Will you include web links in your ebook? When you are writing your ebook you should include your website URL at the end, if the reader enjoyed your ebook they may want to visit your website. You may also include affiliate links if you feel they will benefit the reader.

Rule Number 10, How will you promote your ebook? You will need to devise a marketing plan for your ebook's release. You could give away free copies or leak a free chapter from your ebook. Why not use Press Release websites to announce the impending launch of your ebook.

If you use to implement these 10 rules, you should have the basis for writing a great ebook.

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